Engraving / Experiential Marketing / Live Events · January 15, 2024

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration with Rare Beauty

In October, I was invited to engrave for Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez at the San Francisco Sephora headquarters. It was quite the celebratory bash– requiring a team of FIVE engraving artists!

You could really see how much thought the event coordinators put into showcasing Latine culture and talent (check it out here). And the way people rushed over from the swag bag station to the engraving table when they realized they could get their new makeup personalized? Talk about creating an experience!

For this event, our team engraved either guests’ Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, or their Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil. The event coordinators expected for around 500 units to be personalized, and after discussing logistics, they decided to go with five calligraphers to get through that volume in the clients’ specified time frame.

When booking artists for live events, it’s important we identify the priorities of the event:

  • Are we looking to make sure each guest gets something personalized?
  • Is it imperative that the artists start and stop at a certain time?
  • Are there budget constraints?
  • Is our heart set on a certain medium, or are we open to alternatives?

Hope this post gave you ideas and thoughts to consider in planning your next event! As always, I’m happy to field any questions you may have– contact me here.

Talk Soon!