Few things are as captivating as the creation of an art piece– even more so when the entire process unfolds in a matter of minutes. Add a touch of wonder and luxury to your next event: have Angie hand engrave live for your guests.

Engraving, sometimes called etching, is the process of carving a design on a hard surface. The artwork is permanent, resulting in beautiful keepsakes that will last for years to come.

Custom engraving can be performed on-site for brand activations, corporate events, and special celebrations throughout Sonoma and Marin County. In-studio orders can be delivered or mailed to Petaluma, CA.

The Engraving Process

Step 1 – Draft

Material permitting, designs are drafted on the surface to be engraved.

Step 2 – Etch

Artwork is then etched with a quiet, battery-operated, micro drill. Protective eyewear and a mask are worn during the process.

Step 3 – Fill

Depending on surface and client preference, the engraving may be filled with colored wax or ink.

Engraving FAQs

How quickly can items be engraved?

On-site engravings are typically limited to three words or less. At this volume, an individual item can be drafted, etched, and filled (optional) in under 10 minutes. Generally, the smaller the item, the quicker the process (and vice versa).

Can any surface be engraved?

Glass, metal, and some plastics take well to engraving. Color-fill of engraving is only possible for untextured glass and plastic.

What is included in the live-event engraving service?

Angie will bring all tools and materials necessary for engraving and clean-up of items. Actual items to be engraved will be supplied by the client.