Engraving Workshops

Learn to engrave by hand in and around Sonoma County with Letter This Letter That.

Angie’s unique background in teaching ensures that you will be provided with a scaffolded, student-centered lesson that is fun and engaging.

Continue reading below for available learning options.

Happy Engraving!


This two-hour beginner’s class covers the basics of hand engraving with a micro drill on glass surfaces.

Workshop participants will build familiarity with their tools and focus on maintaining a steady hand while developing etching skills. Students will walk away from the session with two completed projects!

2024 Glass Engraving Workshops:

Saturday, March 9 – at Boho Bungalow in Petaluma, CA

Sunday, April 14 – at Boho Bungalow in Petaluma, CA

Saturday, July 20 – at M.Lovewell in Santa Ana, CA


Learn individually, or with friends.

Receive one-on-one instruction, or share the session with up to two of your best friends! Private and small-group lessons are 100% customizable. Most students choose 2-hour time slots.

Engraving tools provided.

Your own engraving drill is not required. Students of private/semi-private lessons will sample different micro drills and leave the session equipped to make an informed decision if they decide to purchase their own.

Completely customized sessions.

Absolute beginner? Guidance on engraving on certain surfaces or materials? No matter your learning goals, Angie can help you reach them.


What engraving drills do you recommend?

There are several factors to consider when selecting your tool. I talk about the pros and cons of the drills I own and give my recommendations here:

Do I need to have a calligraphy background to learn engraving?

Not at all! Private/semi-private sessions are specific to your goals and needs. Our Intro to Engraving Workshop focuses on building etching skills and a steady hand working with the micro drill; you have the choice to complete workshop projects with illustrations or lettering (optional templates provided)

Where are engraving lessons and workshops held?

Private and small group lessons are typically held at local coffee shops or public meeting places.

Angie travels to your location for engraving parties held for private celebrations (birthdays, bachelorettes, family reunions, team building activities, etc.)

Workshops are held at predetermined venues. The workshop description above will be updated with upcoming events when they are available.

What materials are provided in your lessons?

The Intro to Glass Engraving Workshop and all private lessons include:

  • in-person instruction
  • burs (two sizes)
  • bur lubricant
  • practice glass material
  • class projects (two different items)
  • templates/worksheets
  • use of an engraving drill
  • continued support after our initial meeting through our online community: Engraving Workshop+

Do you offer online lessons?

I don’t! My greatest strength and value lie with in-person instruction… plus I’m a lil’ old school.

But I can recommend online courses! Please feel free to reach out to me via email or my contact form and I’ll get you that information.