Things To Consider When Working With A Live Event Artist

Whether it be calligraphy, engraving, product painting, fashion illustration, wood burning, or leather debossing– keep reading for key things to consider during the planning process of hiring a live event artist.

⏰ What are the time constraints of your event? ⏰

It’s vital to be clear on how many items are expected to be personalized, and have a good grasp on anticipated production speed! Discuss with your artist(s) to ensure everything you need done, gets done.

📐 What sizes will we be working with? 📐

Higher word counts, bigger items, larger scripts take longer to execute. Factor this into time estimations; adjust accordingly while onsite if further accommodations need to be made last minute.

👤 Will assistants be provided/budgeted for? 👤

Especially for high volume events with slower turn-around activations (i.e. wood burning, illustration or painting) it’s essential to have someone onsite to help facilitate a seamless experience; someone to explain the process to guests, collect completed items, and pass favors back out. Event artists are able to absorb these duties— just be sure to account for this in any time quotes.

⚡ Is it possible to provide a product sample to test? ⚡

An actual sample of the item to be customized is always preferred, but any information regarding the material and its finishing is important to provide so that your artists can practice ahead of time and be well-prepared come the day of the activation.

I’d love to know, did you find any of the above particularly surprising or helpful?

Happy to elaborate wherever needed, and wishing you the best of luck planning (and rocking) your upcoming event!